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We only list food blogs by Americans living in the United States or around the world.    The blog must be primarily focused on food or have a substantial food section, and capable of having its own Alexa ranking (sorry, that excludes Facebook and other social media pages)

If you know of a blog that’s not in our index, please leave the site name and the state if you know it.  We’ll check it out and if it meets with our criteria, we’re happy to include it!

Our criteria:

  • the blog must be primarily about food.  We generally don’t accept “lifestyle” blogs.
  • the blogger must be an American resident or an American living overseas writing for an American audience
  • the blog must have a discoverable, valid RSS feed.  We used this to keep track of recent posts
  • the blog must be capable of having its own Alexa rank (i.e. no “generic” sites like Facebook pages)
  • the blog must be current.  Blogs are dropped from the list if they become inactive

Happy Eating!

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