FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MY food blog not on your list?

If you’re a true food blog and you’re not on the list, we don’t know who you are, it’s that simple.  Click the suggest a site link in the navigation bar above and tell us all about you.  We’ll review it and if you’re an American food blogger, we’d love to have you on our list.

If you’re a gardening blog with some recipes or a fashion blog with some recipes or a homestyle/lifestyle blog with some recipes, you won’t be included in this list. This is for blogs where cooking, recipes and restaurant reviews are the main focus. We’ll have a new list of top homestyle bloggers online very soon and we’d love to have you on there.

We list most recent posts and to see how to clean your gutters, how to curl your daughter’s hair or how to get a spot off the couch just doesn’t seem appropriate for a food blog.

How does the ranking work?

At the moment we’re using only data from Alexa.com but we’ve got the propeller heads working on a new algorithm that will take into account a site’s social media stats that will help determine ranking.

How often is the list updated?

The list is updated as soon as we detect that Alexa rankings have changed. This is usually happens once a day, but sometimes there are multiple updates in 24 hours and sometimes none.

How can I improve my ranking?

How long’s a piece of string?  There are lots of ways to improve your ranking and here are a few:

Post frequently.  If you’re posting once a week, try twice.

Download the Alexa Toolbar

Post more often on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest

Visit fellow food bloggers and leave comments – they probably have an Alexa toolbar and their visit in return will help your ranking.

Post the best content you have.  Post what people will want to pin, stumble, Facebook and Google+ share or tweet.  If your photos don’t look great, reshoot.  Check your lighting and white balance.  Food blogs are 70% about the photos.

Is Alexa reliable?

In a word, no. Why do we use it? Because there’s no better alternative at the moment. Alexa gathers data from a group of viewers who use their Alexa toolbar and extrapolates from there how many people would have visited that site who didn’t have the toolbar. Nobody other than site owners have access to a site’s actual traffic data, so any third party traffic measure is always going to be a “best guess”.

Compete.com also has a list but we think it’s less reliable than Alexa right now.

Why did you make this list, anyway?

It keeps food bloggers inspired to know where they rank against their peers.  We like knowing where we are because it helps  us on our journey to meet our goals.  Someone might be happy at position 400 and someone at site 24 might be distressed at that position.  Thankfully the numbers change nearly every day.

Can I advertise on your site?

If your product or service is relevant to food bloggers and those who love them, leave us a message through our contact form and we’ll send you our rate sheet.

I was on the list and now I’m not, why?

Alexa.com is the ranking system we use. They provide us with a breakdown of traffic by percentage. 100% of the sites on Aussie Food Bloggers are in the English language. We’ve evaluated all the blogs listed on the first page of Aussiefoodbloggers.com.au and the majority of their traffic is under 1% from non-English speaking countries. If a blog is over 15% it will be dropped until it falls under 15%.