9 Refreshing Infused Water and Herbal Tea Recipes 


Hydrate Creatively in 2024 

Drinking enough water is essential for your health, but it can get boring. Spice up your hydration with these 9 infused water and herbal tea recipes that are tasty, refreshing, and good for you. 

Lemon and Mint Infused Water 


Simply add lemon slices and fresh mint leaves to a pitcher of water and let it infuse for a few hours or overnight. 

Strawberry and Basil Infused Water 


Add sliced strawberries and fresh basil leaves to a pitcher of water and enjoy this refreshing drink. 

Cucumber and Ginger Infused Water 


A crisp and spicy infusion that helps you detox, reduce inflammation, and soothe your stomach. 

Orange and Rosemary Infused Water 


A citrusy and herbal infusion that improves your memory, concentration, and blood circulation. 

Pineapple and Sage Infused Water 


A tropical and savory infusion that supports your digestion, immunity, and skin health. 

Chamomile and Lavender Tea 


A soothing and relaxing tea that helps you sleep better, reduce stress, and calm your nerves. 

Peppermint and Lemon Balm Tea 


A refreshing and uplifting tea that boosts your digestion, mood, and mental clarity. 

Ginger and Turmeric Tea 


A warming and anti-inflammatory tea that fights infections, pain, and inflammation. Simmer fresh ginger and turmeric root slices in water for 15 minutes and strain. 

Hibiscus and Rose Tea 


A tangy and floral tea that lowers your blood pressure, cholesterol, and oxidative stress. Steep dried hibiscus and rose petals in hot water for 10 minutes and strain. 

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