9 Keto Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day Right 



Discover tasty and varied keto breakfast options beyond eggs and bacon. Energize your day with flavorful low-carb meals for body and mind.

5-Ingredient Cream Cheese Pancakes 


These fluffy pancakes are made with cream cheese, eggs, almond flour, baking powder, and vanilla extract. They are keto-friendly and gluten-free. 

Breakfast Deviled Eggs 


These deviled eggs are not your ordinary ones. They are filled with a creamy mixture of egg yolks, mayonnaise, mustard, and everything bagel seasoning. 

High-Protein Cottage Cheese Omelet 


This omelet is packed with protein and veggies. It has cottage cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese inside.

90-Second Keto Bread 


This keto bread is a game-changer. It is made in a microwave with almond flour, butter, egg, baking powder, and salt. It

Veggie-Packed Frittata 


This frittata is a great way to use up any leftover veggies in your fridge. It has broccoli, zucchini, bell pepper, onion, garlic, cheese, and eggs. 

Keto-Friendly Breakfast Burrito 


This burrito is wrapped in a low-carb tortilla that you can make yourself or buy from the store. 

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein Shake 


This shake is like a dessert in a glass. It has almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and protein powder. 

Open Omelet with Ham and Cheese


This omelet is simple but delicious. It has ham, cheese, and parsley on top of a thin layer of eggs.

Keto Scrambled Pancakes 


These pancakes are not your typical ones. They are made with eggs, cream cheese, and cinnamon.

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