The American Food Bloggers Bot

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen the American Food Bloggers bot turn up in your server logs.

Why are you scanning my site?

Because you’re on America’s Best Food Blogs. To make the American Food Bloggers list more relevant, we regularly ping all sites to make sure they’re still alive and we grab the latest RSS feed so we can show new posts on the Most Recent Posts list.

How often do you scan?

It depends. We run the new post scan every 15 minutes and if you have an active blog, you can expect to see the bot most times it runs. If we detect a new post on your blog, we wait a little longer before checking again. If your site has been inactive for a while OR we encounter an RSS feed error, we’ll scan your site less regularly.

How can I stop the bot from scanning my site?

If you don’t want us to scan your site, just leave us a note and we’ll take you off the list.